About us


Firstly I'd like to thank you for stopping by! We are so excited to introduce to you all of our droolworthy creations. My name is Kautar and I'm the owner and founder of Drip&Drizzle Bakery, previously known as K's Mobile Tea Party. I'm 27 years old, mum to a gorge little girl and wifey to be to my fiancé Luke. I have recently been graced with the presence of Laura, who does most of the stalls and helps anywhere else as and when. She's a gem our Laura!

Anyone that knows me knows that I have an overwhelming love for food. My first few jobs as a teenager were in restaurants. The start of my career in my twenties was in upper management in food retail and then I became a mum. When my maternity leave ended I decided I didn't want motherhood as I knew it to end so I handed in my notice and took the plunge. Et voila! A couple of years, a lot of hard graft and a rebrand later and Drip&Drizzle Bakery was born. My dream job and basically a second baby.

My vision for Drip&Drizzle bakery stems from my experience as a manager in super stores in the food retail industry. Rather than focusing on a niche we want to provide our customers with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING cake related under one roof which is reflected by the wide variety and ever-growing assortment of products. Convenience is key hence the option of visiting us in person at our stall, collecting from our home bakery or having your treats delivered by post to your door. What's not to love, right?

We would love for your purchase to be an experience for you and a truly droolworthy one at that! Not just to your tastebuds, but in every sense of the word. We hope you can feel how each bake is handcrafted with love, packaged with care and delivered swiftly to your door with excellent customer service from start to finish. Now it's time to treat yourself, sweet tooth satisfaction awaits you!